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Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Visata, Windows XP, Windows 98, Win2000, Apple Mac Computers.
Supported Browsers Software: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, all other web browsers.


If You Have Login Problems, Please Check the Following First.

1) Have you entered the valid email and the password you used for your registration?
Is your profile still listed or has been deleted for not following the terms of service?

Finally Please Do the Following Before You Login.
1) Close all browser windows.
2) Delete all the cookies and offline files. (see below how to delete them)
3) Set the browser to accept cookies (better if you can set the browser to default settings)
4) Then, try to login again.

How to Delete Cookies and Offline Files: (If you are using Internet Explorer.)

1) Go to the "Tools" on your browser and click the "Internet Options".

2) Then click the " Delete Cookies" and then click the "Delete Files".

3) Check mark the "Delete all offline content" and press OK.


If you are still facing login problems, please contact an IT professional who is capable of solving the problem of your computer.


Thank you for using Sllovers.Com. Happy Surfing!


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