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In order to list your profile on www.sllovers.com, you need to register.

Please click the JOIN button of each section to proceed for registration.


Deleting your Profile.

Due to security reasons we do not allow our users to delete the profiles.  Instead we allow users to edit all information in their profiles at anytime.  If you need the omission of your profile completely, please send us an email to info@sllovers.com requesting us to do so, using the email account you used for registration, along with the following details.

1. Your registered email address.

2. ID # number and the date of the listed profile.


If you have Login Problems.

Please do the following before you login.
1) Close all browser windows.
2) Delete all the cookies and offline files.
3) Set the browser to accept cookies (better if you can set the browser to default settings)

Reporting Spam or Bogus Profiles

If you have any inconvenience from our users,  please let us know.  We will take appropriate actions to stop abuse.


Thank you for using Sllovers.Com. Happy Surfing!


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